Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Andy Got Robbed

Ok, Contador didn't break any rules, per se, but still...

I knew when they interviewed Andy he would come out with what he did, saying that he would not have done that to Contador. But being the honorable competitor that Andy is, they rode together the rest of the tour with respect for each other.

Ok, at least Andy showed respect for Alberto. Watch out next year, Contador!

And Mike J., thanks for your support too!

On a side note, I was away helping a couple of non-cycling friends move last Thursday through the weekend. We had built int TdF / Versus breaks. By the end of my stay I overheard phone conversations to other non-cycling friends about how Andy got robbed.



Mike J said...

Seems like everyone else is holding back and not saying what they really feel on the subject. I think Andy got robbed too. That was a cheap move by Alberto. He won but he didn't win honorable nor did he earn that win. Should be an interesting tour next year.

MattDogTraining said...

If the rule of racing was "the good guy always wins" then Jens and Stuart O'Grady Would be in yellow everyday ;-). Sadly it's not the best competitor that won. Just the best rider.