Monday, July 12, 2010

I Almost Got Hit By...a Boat?

Ahh...summer at the Jersey Shore. Gotta love tourists hauling boats.

I had stopped at a traffic light at an intersection near the marina, my right foot on the curb. A car pulled up on my left, hauling a boat about 20 feet long. It wasn't a very tall boat, just kind of wide. The driver saw me, I am absolutely sure, especially when the light changed and I waved him on. That gives me a hint that he was aware of me. However, I think that's all he was aware of.

He made a right in front of me while I waited. At the last second I saw that he had not taken a very wide turn as normal people do when hauling things like a boat, an RV or a trailer. Nope, this guy apparently totally forgot he had a boat. In the space of less than a second, I saw that the front of the boat was getting very wide and very close to my head. I dove down to the ground on my right and the boat just barely missed me. He drove on, totally oblivious to what had happened while other drivers were watching, shaking their heads in disbelief at his stupidity.

I got up, dusted myself off and had a nice 15 mile ride, with my head still attached.

I think Walmart rents brains for people who seem to have misplaced them, don't they?


jeff said...

And they're rolling back prices on brains too!

Linda said...


rick is! said...

nice quick work. I always assume that the guy in the car/truck/van etc is a moron and expect the worse that way I'm always pleasantly surprised when they don't kill me.