Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Think I'm Officially Back

I managed to ride 77.5 miles last week. I wanted to ride on Friday to round it off to 80 but I knew my body really, really needed a rest day. Going from total desk potato to cyclist in one week was tough.

Friday morning I looked at my bike. I ran my hands over the tires and the tope tube. I held the handlebars. I realized I wanted to ride but was doing the right thing by taking the day off from riding. This was a great revelation since I thought I'd be happy to not be riding. My soul wanted to get on that bike. That's when I knew I had offically returned.

This morning I slept in late and got on the road around 10AM. My legs felt great. There was no soreness at all. During my little 10 mile jaunt this morning, I found myself flying over roads that just a few days earlier, I had struggled to push through. Granted, it was overcast this morning and somewhat cooler than the previous days of my riding this past week, but I still think I felt stronger.

At one point I realized I actually had to go into the large chainring so I didn't spin my brains out. I hit a long, flat stretch and suddenly, I was 25 years old again, crouched down on the bars doing 17 miles an hour for several miles. I was ecstatic.

I gunned it all the way home and felt great. I needed no recovery time whatsoever. This is the best ride I've had in ages.

Yes, I believe I have returned.


jeff said...

Welcome back!

Linda said...

Thanks, Jeff! You are such an encouragement, always!

Mike J said...

welcome back. Way to go!