Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not A Bad Week

I got a few rides in this past week and ended up doing about 50 miles total. Coming from nothing, I'm pretty happy about that.

I'm also pretty happy about my boy, Andy! He can climb hills! He can time trial! He can sprint!...well, out of three isn't that bad...

This morning I got a late start. It was really hot. Therefore I have learned some math.

Linda + 102 degree heat=less than 15 mile rides.

I have learned from several sources that the thermometer on my computer is actually pretty accurate because it also reads the heat coming up from the road, giving the rider a "feels like" temperature. I am very glad to hear this. It means I am becoming more heat tolerant. There was a time last month when I couldn't have even thought about getting on the bike if it was 90 out, let alone a "feels like" temp of 102 degrees.

During a couple of rides these past couple of weeks I found a nice spot by a lake on my main riding loop where I take a break on a tree stump in the shade to collect my thoughts and bearings.

It's great to be back on the bike again. I feel like I have come home.


jeff said...

Contador is amazing, but I would kind of like to Andy win it too. He'll have to do a Floyd Landis-like breakaway in the mountains to have some cushion before Saturday.

Richard said...

Contador is actually better in the TT than Andy. Andy needs to get a few more seconds before the TT in a few days just to be safe. I think the gloves are coming off in the next stage.

Drink 21 to 23 OZ of "water" per hour in the heat. I like HEED sports drink, but just drink something.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Way to go on the rides! It's a good place to come home to!

I hated seeing Contador take advantage of Andy's mechanical problems yesterday. Feels kind of cheap, here's hoping Andy will make up some time the rest of the week!

Mike J said...

I was really pulling for Andy today but alas he couldn't shake Alberto. :( Maybe next year.