Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Since last Saturday I've been totally committed to this new routine of mine. On Sunday I pulled off a 25 miler in 100 degree heat. I was toast but I did it.

Monday, since I was off, I decided to do a short ride because I wanted to give my body time to recover from the shock of actually doing something besides sitting at a desk. Instead I did another 15 miler.

Tuesday and today, I set my clock for 5 AM and was out the door, doing a 7 mile loop near my house. The temps have been around 100 so the early morning rides take care of 2 things at once; I don't procrastinate and I can always ride in 80 degree weather.

I think I put more miles on my bike this week than I have in years and it's not even a full week yet.

The problem now is staying motivated. I know I have the attention span of a gnat. I get bored easily. I found if I ride with an iPod at very low volume and only have the bud in my right ear, I don't hear myself breathing which tricks me into thinking I'm not that tired if I can't hear myself breathe. Shhh...don't tell my brain that.

I'm trying to do anything I can to keep this going. My boss even has me posting my bike computer's mileage for the day on her Facebook page. I told her that actually, I could cheat and just watch TV and spin the front wheel for 45 minutes and get the same result since there is no day and date reading on it. Of course, I wouldn't do that but I'm really trying to stay motivated this time.

The stupid thing is I love being on the bike. It's in my blood. I think once I get past this first month and feel stronger, it won't be as difficult to keep going.


Mike J said...

Linda, Here's my answer for staying motivated on the bike. Step 1. Go out on the internet and find an organized ride that is really long in your area that interests you (or just scares you). Step 2. Sign up for it and pay your money. Step 3. Train like crazy for it so you won't look silly on ride day. Step 4. Congratulate yourself on a ride well done. Step 5. Repeat.

This is the only way that I ever manage to stay in shape.

Mike J said...

Here are some rides.

Jenny-Jenny said...

I'm just happy to hear you're back out one the bike! Enjoy yourself!

Richard said...

Glad you're on the bike. I'm trying to get myself back in gear as well. I'll ride if you ride... deal?